The Pew Charitable Trusts

Represent Pew Trusts and other conservation groups on the Squid Advisory Committee of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Wild Oceans

Support completion of process at the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council to review exempted fishery permit applications on forage species included in the Ummanaged Forage Omnibus Amendment.

Portland Audubon

Lead writing of peer-reviewed paper on Black Oystercatcher (H. bachmani) 10-year productivity dataset.

Work Prior to 2023

Selected Recent Achievements


Co-led comprehensive campaign to prevent new fisheries on dozens of species of forage fish off the west coast. New federal rule was also supported by sport and commercial fisheries.


Co-led comprehensive campaign to update commercial fisheries management of northern anchovy.


Designed and led successful grassroots campaign to protect over 10% of California’s seagrasses from destruction through shellfish farm expansion in Humboldt Bay.


Co-led the development of the Conservation Action Plan for the Ashy Storm-petrel.


Designed and completed a comprehensive 10-year program to assess, monitor and protect the Black Oystercatcher in California and Oregon.


Brought seven new foundations and one new major donor to Audubon. Primary author of >$1 million grant to Audubon from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Board Memberships and Agency Appointments


State-appointed member, 4-member Stakeholder Steering Committee for Pacific Herring Fishery Management Plan for State of California. Helped put in place an ecosystem-based fishery management plan for Pacific herring in California.


State-appointed member, aquaculture advisory committee

2021- present

Appointed Conservation Seat to the Coastal Pelagics Advisory Subpanel of the Pacific Fishery Management Council.

2022- present

State-appointed member, Squid Fishery Advisory Committee


Elected Board member, Pacific Seabird Group